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Give us a call with your wish list, or fill out our simple survey. We can send someone to you, if you like. After we have enough information, our bonded and insured deliverers will bring your new, energy efficient vending machine packed with delicious treats for everyone.

Your machine will be placed on a regular route of one of our trained drivers. The machine will be cared for at least once a week. More visits can be scheduled, as needed. Some of our highest volume accounts are visited daily.

Due to the fact that we use the most reliable machines, we’ll have less “downtime” than any vendor you’ve ever had previously. But no machine is perfect. Call us or email us and we’ll arrive at your location quickly (usually within a few hours.) And we always provide extra loose change so that refunds never come out of anyone at your company’s pocket.

Yes! The average refrigerated vending machine consumes between 300 and 500 dollars of electricity per year. This means that your cold drink vendor runs day and night, seven days a week, whether you are open or not. Even if no one is buying a drink, the machine is consuming energy and costing you money. That’s why we install the Power Guard EMC-2 on all refrigerated vending machines.

Power Guard EMC-2 has a programmable schedule that places the refrigeration system and the display lighting system in a stand by mode for at least 12 hours a day. The unit has a secondary thermostat that will not allow the temperature to rise above an acceptable level. The program allows for any selection of stand by times and can even be programmed to place the machine in stand by from Friday evening to Monday morning if your business is closed for the weekend. When the machine is in stand by, it is not using one watt of electrical power, but it is always available to accept money and dispense a drink. The energy used is better managed without disrupting its primary function: your convenience.

We offer only the best machines to serve you. Check out our Products page then please contact us. Our team is waiting to help you enjoy your workday more with quality snacks to energize you.

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