The COVID-19 pandemic has made customers more sensitive to safety standards and contactless deliveries. Contactless convenience services such as vending machines to coffee machines to micro markets are a growing trend today.

What are Micro Markets?

Micro markets are unmanned small retail spaces where consumers can purchase from a wide selection of food, and beverage items. They consist of open rack shelves and refrigerated coolers that are stocked with packed food like salads, freshly prepared lunches, sandwiches, fruits, healthy snacks, drinks, and desserts. Customers can pick up a snack or a meal, check the nutrition value and use the automated self-checkout kiosk to pay using a cashless payments system, or credit card.

Why Micro Markets Work?

A single micro market depending on the area can easily stock between 100-300 products, therefore it can provide a more diverse variety of items, for example, gluten-free or low-carb or sugar free and more as per the requirements. Micro markets are also gaining popularity because:

  • You can pick, pay and go
  • It’s open-style – you can check what you are purchasing
  • Fresh stock available daily
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Healthier snack and meal options
  • Automated self-checkout – no waiting in queue to pay

Where do you Find Micro Markets?

Micro markets are easy to set up and can be customized depending on the space available. They can fit in a corner or take up a whole room. All you need is a small space that can fit in an open cooler and have an internet connection. 

Micro markets are mushrooming in many places, and you may have seen them in the airport, railway stations, offices, hospitals, etc. They offer healthier food choices and are easy on the pocket.

The market is shifting and micro markets are gaining popularity. If you are planning to offer food and beverages to people when they visit your facility, especially in today’s times of safety and precaution, a micro market that offers fresh, hygienic, and healthy food would be worth a thought.

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